Advantages of buying a villa in Spain

The very phrase “villa in Spain” already sounds fantastic: the location of the country, historical heritage and mentality of local residents make it almost the best place to live. Due to the constantly growing quality of life and progress of the country, more and more Europeans are looking to buy a villa in Spain. They see this investment as profitable and promising, which is certainly true. Do not lag behind Europeans and representatives of other countries in the world. 

What opportunities opens the purchase of a villa in Spain?

Buying a villa in Spain – this means not just buying your own luxury housing in a developed European country, but also the opportunity to stay here for a long time or to move forever. For those who are ready to invest in Spanish property more than 500 thousand euros, the access to the “Golden visa” is available. 

The buyer of the villa is issued a residence permit, for a period of one year, which can be extended at the end of its validity. Close relatives of the buyer, including minor children, have the opportunity to apply for residence for family reunification without the right to work directly from Spanish territory. During the validity period of the residence permit, the resident and his family members can move around the European Union, children can attend local schools.  

To obtain the Golden Visa you need:

  • to buy a villa in Spain without the involvement of mortgage lenders;
  • for each of the applicants must have a sum of at least 500 thousand euros: that is, for a family of two people wishing to become residents of Spain, the minimum amount of buying property will be 1 000 000 euros.

Advantages of buying a villa in Spain

  1. The purchase of real estate does not take a long time and is not associated with burdensome formalities;
  2. Spanish law implies the confidentiality of information about the ownership of real estate in the country and does not provide it to third parties;
  3. If, at the time of purchase, the necessary amount is not available, the local bank can obtain a mortgage loan for foreign nationals;
  4. The proposed properties, most are in excellent condition and ready to live in: engineering and communication networks are constantly being audited and are subject to major repairs, if necessary;
  5. The rental potential of all types of Spanish property is very high, and if living in the country for some reason is not possible, the housing can be rented out to tenants;
  6. The maintenance of the property as well as the search for tenants can be entrusted to one of the management companies.

What is the advantage of living in Spain?

Buying property in Spain is advantageous from several positions at once. It is worth noting the climatic characteristics of the region in which the country is located. Residents of northern countries, such as Norway, choose homes in Spain to create places for family holidays and the opportunity to spend their holidays there. There is no critical cold and snowy winter here, which northerners are used to. There are no sudden changes in temperatures during the day and night, nor are there heavy rains in autumn.  

Of course, in addition to the climate, buyers are attracted by the economic component of the country. In the last 3-4 years, there has been a trend of continuous stable growth of the economy and the level of development of the country. The quality of life and safety indicators have been constantly improving. The country has an excellent education system: many school leavers become students of prestigious world-known universities, and specialists graduated from local universities are highly appreciated all over the world.

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