Challenger MT400E Five-Model Mid-Range Tractor Lineup Unveiled

Challenger, a global brand of AGCO Corporation, launched the MT400E Series tractors at Husker Harvest Days 2016. Five new models in this series feature Challenger toughness and the most robust offering of features available in mid-range tractors from Challenger. With max engine horsepower ratings from 120 to 160 and the choice of three transmission options, including the TechStar™ (CVT), they are ideal for all-around use on livestock and row crop operations. Models include the MT455E (120 hp), MT465E (130 hp), MT475E (140 hp), MT485E (150 hp) and MT495E (160 hp).

“Customers who have previewed these tractors have been impressed with the range of operator conveniences available from tractors with this level of power, stability and lift capacity. With features such as our optional industry-exclusive multi-function joystick and three transmission options, many customers are finding the MT400E Series offers the right combination for their operations,” says Eric Zimmerman, AGCO tactical marketing manager.

Improved operator efficiency with multi-function joystick

“These are big mid-range tractors ideal for someone who wants to run a large round baler or a mower conditioner, or pull mid-size planters and tillage equipment. When equipped with the CVT transmission and the multi-function joystick, MT400E Series tractors also are extremely efficient and well-suited for material handling for livestock and hay operations. The ergonomically designed, easy-to-use joystick controls all loader functions as well as directional and speed changes,” he explained.

The MT400E Series tractors boast a base weight of 15,432 lbs. and maximum loader lift capacity of 5,032 lbs. at the pivot pin. An optional, factory-installed live 3rd function enables up to three loader functions simultaneously to make loader work even easier.

“Dairy producers are constantly unloading and loading feed, hay or other material,” he continues. “With the multi-function joystick, loader work is much easier and more efficient because an operator can control the loader as well as move the tractor backward and forward with one hand.”

Row-crop operators also will appreciate having all controls at their fingertips, from easy configuration and set up of headland management to flow control valves for the hydraulic system on the pillar panel and console. The tractors also are well-suited for roadside mowing and municipal use.

Tier 4 Final power with no diesel particulate filter

The Challenger MT400E Series tractors are powered with a 4.9L AGCO Power™ 4-cylinder diesel engine meeting EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) – meaning no diesel particulate filter, no regeneration requirements and no exhaust gas recirculation system. The engines breathe intercooled intake air provided by a new turbocharger equipped with an electronic wastegate, and are fed by a 29,000 psi fuel injection system. The engine service interval is 600 hours.

A new Vistronic engine-cooling fan automatically adjusts air flow through the radiator depending upon operating conditions, a feature that also improves engine brake efficiency by 15% over previous models.

To enable the MT400E Series to stay in the field working longer, engineers have included a 54-gallon fuel tank and a 7.9-gallon secondary Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank.

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