Do you need cloud services for your startup?

The young business always has a lot of ideas, questions and, unfortunately, a limited budget. So, wise resource allocation is maybe the most important thing for a startup. Talking about IT startups, we should mention the variety of modern tools and technologies, so the inexperienced startup owner might be confused about the choice.

We offer you to discuss the necessity of cloud computing for startups in the early stages.

How can cloud computing be useful for startups?

As we said, the main idea is to provide cost-efficiency from the start. The better your strategy on the first step, the smoother will your business perform in the future. In this case, cloud computing is a really great choice.

At first, let’s define the term. Cloud computing is renting hosting and computing resources from cloud providers.

Main benefits of cloud computing

Let’s see the common benefits you’ll receive with the cloud computing.

  1. Cost-efficiency. Cloud computing can really save your money. It is a wise investment because you will have the ability to use modern tools and technologies without overpayment. Cloud platforms provide multiple tools for software development, server administration and other issues. Dedicated access is usually more cost-efficient than buying on-prem software.
  2. Safety and security. There is an opinion that data in the cloud is unsafe and easy to be stolen. In reality, it is vice versa and data in the cloud is safer than on-prem hardware. You should understand the idea of cloud computing. Data is always migrating between different cloud servers, so even if one falls down, data will migrate to another. Also, data in the cloud is encrypted, so it is protected from intruders.
  3. Shorter time-to-market. The CDN – Content Delivery Network – allows optimizing the delivery of the product to end-users. Another cloud component – the CI/CD allows to speed up software development. Also, cloud technologies make the process smoother, faster and simpler.
  4. Access to the latest tools and future-proofing. Cloud infrastructure gives you access to the newest cloud tools, both open-source and paid. Also, you will be able to easily use DevOps methodology, Big Data, Machine Learning and other tools in the future. All of them need to be based in the cloud infrastructure, so it is a good investment from the start. 

As you can see, cloud services are quite useful for startups and can bring benefits both in the early stages and during the growth of the business. If you decide to build your system in the cloud or transfer the current system to the cloud, you should hire a specialist and there is still a question about smart investments.

How start to use cloud services?

If you have a strong technical background, you can use FAQs and instructions from the cloud provider. If you haven’t time or skills, it is better to refer to the Managed Service Provider (MSP). Such a company can dedicate you a necessary specialist or even the team to solve your business challenges.

A lot of great talents work for MSP companies because it gives them a variety of projects and tasks. The higher the level of the engineer, the more challenging projects he likes. MSP can give such projects to engineers and you can work with talented and qualified specialists.

Such outsourcing might be difficult for a startup but it is the most cost-efficient approach, especially in the early stages. In-house hiring can be an alternative but it is more expensive because you need to spend a lot of money on recruitment. On the other hand, MSP just supplies you with engineers you need and after their work ends, you say goodbye without regrets. They can also easily be hired at a later date if some more help is needed. The third alternative is working with cloud service support, but your requests will be processed as a part of huge queue, and delay in 4 hours, while still covered by an SLA, can be quite detrimental to a startup.

So, the only thing to do for providing cloud computing is to hire reliable MSP. To choose an experienced company you should find some feedback from previous customers and ask the MSP about successful cases. 

Thus said, with the right approach, cloud computing is very beneficial for startups.

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