Repair of electrical wiring

The need to repair electrical wiring in the apartment or house may arise for various reasons. One of the most common reasons for replacing electrical wiring is to buy a new home. Before you begin to repair electrical wiring, it is important to understand the condition of the existing wiring. Improper electrical wiring can be harmful to human health. So it is not a good idea to delay wiring repair, it is better to find home electrical repair service.

Until the twenty-first century, in the construction of houses most often used aluminum wire, as electrical appliances were not so much and they were not as high power, so the aluminum wire small cross-section was quite enough. The service life of such a wire is about fifteen years. Today we have a lot of high-capacity electrical appliances in our apartments, and this kind of wiring is not ready for such high loads, so when you start to malfunction, the protection will break down, or even the wire will melt.

If you decide to change the wiring, the main decision will be to choose the wire. Aluminum, as mentioned above, is less conductive, more brittle and this increases the likelihood of future wiring issues. Copper wire is more durable, has a lifetime of twenty-five years, is more conductive and is less prone to breakage. For these reasons, electricians recommend installing copper wiring in apartments and houses. If the load on individual rooms is high, it is better to install individual lines designed for the required capacity. To lay the wire in the wall, you need a perforator or a handheld circular saw.

In most apartments, the aluminium wiring has been in operation for almost 50 years, an electrician is called in if there are any faults, and the master patch the wiring. As a result, when wiring works badly, or generally fails, it is necessary to make a complete replacement of electrical wiring in the apartment or house. There are cases when the owners themselves are trying to replace the wiring, but to replace the electrical wiring task is not that difficult, but also requires experience, knowledge, tools and compliance with safety regulations when working with electric current.

Protection devices should be replaced every ten years, sockets and switches should be replaced every five years. In order to repair electrical wiring in time, you should call in a qualified electrician every five years to inspect the wiring and keep it in good condition.

Finding a faulty electrical installation 

Finding a faulty wiring is a set of measures to eliminate a wiring interruption or short circuit. All electricians are familiar with this procedure, and there are cases ranging from a normal short circuit with the possibility of visual identification, to an open circuit where the problem can be identified intuitively, or with special devices to find hidden wiring.

In most cases, the problem can be solved, which means that an electrician should be called in to find the faulty wiring and not put off indefinitely. If you have a problem with the wiring – we advise you to switch off the machines and pay attention to the smell or noise that may be emitted by the faulty part of the wiring and then call an electrician.

There are times when you can handle a faulty wiring, but the quality of the wiring is very poor. In this case, the electrician will advise you to replace the wiring with a new one or pay attention to an urgent wiring problem later. There are problems so serious that it makes no sense to look for a problem. In this case, the electrician will most likely offer you a complete replacement of the wiring.

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