What you need to know when choosing a filter

The choice of cartridge will depend on the filter used and on what kind of result you want to achieve. For jugs there are cartridges with several types of cleaning, in flow and main lines each type of cartridge is designed for a certain type of cleaning, there is also a comprehensive cleaning. Depending on the type, the cartridge can perform one of the functions. If you are interested in water filter installation then it is better to figure it out.

When choosing, consider a few simple rules:

  • mechanical cleaning is required with a filter fineness of 1 or 5 microns;
  • on the riser, water must pass through a mechanical deep cleaning of 10 or 100 microns;
  • if you want to get rid of iron, choose a cartridge that contains components designed for this;
  • for softening it is better to take cartridges with ion-exchange resin;
  • to improve the taste of water and clean it of chemical impurities, pay attention to carbon cartridges.

The choice of system depending on water pollution

The efficiency of the use of the purification system and the quality of the liquid filtration depends on the specificity of the existing pollution. Before deciding on a water filter, you need to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the incoming running water for impurities. Only after that it becomes clear what to choose.

Cold and hot water filtration

Most purifiers are designed to filter cold water. The maximum allowable temperature in this case should not exceed certain indicators. For this reason, if you want to purify hot water, then you need to look for filters with a high temperature limit.

Filter module performance and resources

Under the filter performance is meant its ability to pass and clean a certain volume of water per minute. This indicator is minimal for reverse osmosis systems, since it takes a lot of time for the liquid to pass through the filtering membrane. So, when choosing a filter, you need to decide how often it will be used and how much water will need to be cleaned per day. Almost everyone has a filter module, designed to clean a specific volume of water. As soon as its resource is exhausted, it will not be able to provide adequate water quality and will have to be replaced.

Supplies Availability

It is necessary to pay attention to the cost of filtering modules – cartridges, since in most filters they quickly exhaust their working life, which means that they will have to pay a lot.

Manufacturer’s choice

It is no secret that both domestic and foreign companies are engaged in the production of filtration units. Some have been realizing themselves in this area for more than a decade, while others are only embarking on this path, not focusing on water purification systems in their activity. If you can’t decide which is better, we recommend that you abandon stereotypes and choose products from experienced companies with a name and positive reviews. It is enough to look into the rating of water filters to understand which companies are able to make high-quality, durable units. It is better to stop the choice on products whose manufacturers have been working in this market for a long time and have been able to recommend themselves well. Each of them has its own developments for different cleaning systems.


If the price of the desired model is very different from the average market value, then you need to think about where this product comes from. If this product was purchased from an official supplier, but the price is very different from the prices in other stores, then this is a complete fake.

Certificate availability

If you doubt the quality of the goods, you can ask the seller for a quality certificate. Moreover, this document should be genuine, and not an ordinary photocopy.

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