John Deere 5075GL Crop Tractor Preview

John Deere introduces the 5075GL Specialty Tractor for orchard and vineyard growers who want a powerful, low and narrow tractor to maintain and harvest their crops. With 75 engine horsepower, there’s plenty of power to pull flail mowers, rotary cutters, spray tanks and trimming equipment, and to push harvest bins in hilly terrain.

“This is a great addition to the John Deere high value crop tractor lineup,” says Justin Cherry, marketing manager for John Deere specialty tractors. “The small stature of the 5075GL helps growers harvest their crop with less damage to trees, vines and fruit, enabling higher yields and a larger return on their investment.”

Application and harvest windows for apples, cherries, peaches and other tree fruit are very narrow, so timeliness in completing these operations is critical. Once peach and apple trees become loaded with heavy fruit, branches can begin to sag under load and can create clearance issues for some tractors and operators.

By leveraging the size and power of the 5075GL Specialty Tractor, Cherry says producers can more easily maintain their crop, orchards and vineyards throughout the entire year, and more efficiently work their acres. For additional clearance, the ROPS on the 5075GL can be folded down to avoid hitting low-hanging branches and fruit.

At slightly over 4 feet (1.22 m) tall and 4 feet (1.22 m) wide, the compact four-wheel-drive, open station 5075GL can easily maneuver in and around trees or vines without damaging low-hanging branches or high-value fruit. In its base configuration, the 5075GL has a high 25.5 gallons per minute (96.5 liters per minute) hydraulic flow rate with capacity to help handle everyday workloads like cutting, spraying and hauling. Install the optional third pump and hydraulic flow increases to nearly 33.5 gallons per minute (126.8 liters per minute).

The 5075GL features a three-range, 24/12 PowrReverserTM transmission, and includes creeper speeds and electrohydraulic high-low and declutch push-button controls so operators can quickly choose the ideal speed for the job.

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